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J Vince s.r.o. Company deal in production, packaging and distribution of racio nutritions. Company has family character which talks about flexibility,effectiveness of store and top quality of products offered by its. Our company belongs among traditional sellers and producers of healthy nutrition. It offer over 170 products in its range.

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Why we do this?

Racio nutritions introduce breakthrough of modern style of board. Todayś busy times do not let us exhale, which leads to fatigue,lack of motion and easily succumb to diseases of civilization because of excessive load and stress.Therefore more and more people are inclined to a balanced lifestyle. Except for motion and relaxation is important even eating right.Experts recommend include to your meals more of vegetable and whole grains because of beneficial effects to organism. The global trend is afford more of rest,regeneration,boost of immunity and proper fuction of whole organism to your body. Suitable board with our racio nutritions can contribute to complete harmony.

Targets of company

Organization follows current trends of harmony and vitality of body and spirit.This can be reached by eating healthy nutritions offered by company.

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Our products

Company J.Vince s.r.o. organizes and provides logistic of purchase, production, storage and expedition of commodity in the strictest quality. We constantly searching ways to increasing quality and output in the production process that we can satisfy whole requests of clients. We offer following products:

Products in sacks:

  • cereals

  • flakes

  • flour products

  • bio flour products

Packaged products:

  • egg free pasta

  • cereals

  • sugar

  • leguminous plats

  • other packaged products

  • instant products

  • popcorn produts

  • flakes

  • bran

  • flour

  • manna croup

  • bio flours

  • bio flakes

  • bio bran

  • bio packages products

  • bio pasta

New products

J.Vince, s.r.o.

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Jozef Vince
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Monika Vinceová
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Ing. Ivan Fadljevič
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